About The ProjectTron_legacy_under_the_tower The intent of this project is not to be confused with the idealist view that architecture is the solution to all the worlds problem or that architecture is a viable means of saving the world.  In fact it has been proven that up until recently, architecture had only done more harm than good by being the largest source of pollution to the environment, and often compounding a great deal of sociocultural issues that plague cities.  But the purpose of good design , or at least the strive to achieve it, is to lay the foundation for positive change in our societies.  A change that starts the conversation by creating spaces that evoke emotions.  Emotions that spark thoughts and conversations on why we live the way we do, what exactly beauty is, and how we can improve on the conditions we live in.  Because although the idea of a perfect world is unattainable, it is this same elusive notion that allows us (especially designers) room for improvement.


About The Designer

Born in Lagos Nigeria during the mid eighties, I had the opportunity of experiencing what its like growing up in a dense urban environment with underdeveloped living conditions.


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